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The investment arm of HCIG travels the world in search of propositions that will achieve best fit into Middle Eastern markets and palates.
HCIG invests in a slice of New York

Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is an innovative restaurant concept specializing in New York- style pizzas. The brand is positioned as a quick casual restaurant serving great pizza using fresh, premium quality ingredients. Dedicated to delivering value, Yellow Cab Pizza has generated a loyal and growing customer base. for franchise opportunities click here
HCIG develops a gourmet burger concept

Warm and inviting “social burger” is an original concept that boasts a gourmet menu offering a wide range of simulating and delicious burgers. reflective of its theme where tradition meets latest trend, “social burger” brings food experience and savouring to the next level.
Steroid cafe

Steroid café is a healthy food concept that offer a wide range of healthy low fat calories. Decorated in very modern way where you can meet the roughness and the comfy at the same place.
They offer the best manual coffee brewing for those who love real coffee, and a wide range of protein fresh fruits cocktails. Steroid café reflects the traditional healthy food where you can have the taste and the low calories item in a very modern way bringing food experience to the next level.
Malaga cafe

Malaga the lounge is a Mediterranean fusion food concept of choice at the moment. It combined the traditions and the modern cuisine, which had become engrained into the culture of Southern Spain. Thus we have the conceptualization behind Malaga The lounge’s vision – a blend of cultures and cuisine to create a vibrant and social dining experience.